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About Us

Travel and photography go together like cheese and wine. But traveling to an unfamiliar place to take amazing pictures is not as easy as one may think. Amateur and professional photographers who travel to an unfamiliar place or foreign country often have a hard time finding the right place to take the photos they want. The founders of YiuPai, are a group of seasoned photography enthusiasts who ran into the struggle of trying to find the right locations in a limited time to get their desired photos during several of their business and personal trips. There were no APPs to provide a way for travelers to connect with local photographers. YiuPai was founded as a platform to connect local photographers with traveling photographers around the world. For local photographers, YiuPai provides an easy way to share their experiences and knowledge. For travelers, the help of local guides can allow them to shoot in new and interesting places with peace of mind, allowing them to focus more on their photography. As a registered user, even you are not traveling you can still use our YiuPai APP to find the local photographers for all of your needs.

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